Amazon saheli quiz answers

Amazon Saheli quiz

Que.1 When is women’s day celebrated across the world?
10th October
8th March √√√√
25th December
1st January

Que.2 The _______ Amazon program aims at empowering women entrepreneurs and support these women to sell their products on Amazon. (Fill in the blank)
Amazon Saheli√√√√
Amazon Fresh
Amazon Prime
Amazon Music

Que.3 Amazon has partnered with Mann Deshi Foundation and COWE(Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs) for the Amazon Saheli program. What is their main objective?
Women education
Women saftey
To boost women entrepreneurship in the country✓✓✓✓✓
Women health

Que.4  Amazon Saheli supports women entrepreneurs with benefits such as training, free imaging and cataloging services, subsidized fees, management support and enhanced discoverability through a separate storefront. (True or False).

Que.5 Name the online platform launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to support women entrepreneurs?
Digital India
One Stop Centre Scheme
Nari Shakti
Mahila E-haat√√√

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